Mads Lindgren

Mads Lingren aka MonologThe Danish artist Mads Lindgren (aka Monolog) composes and performs music in a universe of sinister synthesis, agressive beats, and the innovative use of broken instruments, kitchen utensils, and recordings of the industrial surroundings of Berlin made into percussion instruments and explosive sound textures; Monolog’s music lies in the outskirts of the electronica genre. With a diverse past in the fusion-metal band, Wombat in Combat, as a drum and bass eventmaker and DJ, as well as a member of Vestbirk noiseensemble, Monolog is the result of years of experimentation.

Mads latest releases have included Aerodymanic, released simultaneously as a vinyl LP and a free a Creative Commons download, and the acclaimed Live Cuts EP from acre recordings released early July 2012.

Mads has become a very active part of Berlin’s electronic music culture, playing in such legendary (and infamous) places as the Wendel Club, Zentrale Randlage, Berghain Kantine, KS145, m.i.k.z, N.B.I, Strandbar, Subland, and ausland.

In addition to being a very active performer and producer, Mads was the Lead Tester for Maschine from its birth until June 2012 at Native Instruments and is probably the world’s most virtuosic performer on this integrated groovebox system. He now works for Ableton as Quality Assurance Coordinator. Additionally, Mads has been teaching radical aesthetics at the university of Aalborg, and conducting workshops with Brian Smith on topics such as field recording & sampling technologies since 2010.

-2012 Aerodymanic, Urlaut
-2012 Live Cuts, acre recordings
-2010 Stoneform single, BFR002, Bass Flo recordings
-2010 Dahinta EP, online release. Visit for more info
-2007 “this world” with tone for urlyd, 12″ EP
-2006 Bedroom research V3, online release, visit
-2006 Sticktease EP 12″ BAH015LP, Tender productions
-2004 Az˙car EP 12″ BAH012LP, Tender productions
-2004 Veneno EP 12″, Tender productions
-2003 DJ legba comp. BAH009CD Various artists. Tender productions
-2003 RVplanet release AciexCD01
-2002 Slugs BAH008CD, full length CD, Tender productions
-2001 Mongo BAH006SP, 7″ with mango delight, Tender productions
-2001 Mumbler BAH005CD, full length CD, Tender productions