Terms and Conditions

In plain English:

We want you to be happy with big brain audio. So happy that you tell the world how much you’ve learned and how much fun it was to be take part in a workshop. And you’ll do it again!

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  1. We cannot refund your money less than two weeks before a workshop begins. Before the two-week time limit, we will refund your money upon request, but you will have to pay any banking and payment charges that we incur through the process.
  2. The maximum number of participants in big brain audio workshops is 12. If a workshop does not have at least 5 participants one week before the beginning of the workshop, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop. In that case, we will immediately refund the payment we received from you in full. We are not responsible for any extra costs that you may incur as a result of the workshop (including, but not excluding travel expenses).
  3. If for any reason, a big brain audio workshop must be cancelled because of an event beyond our control (“force majeure”), then we will immediately refund your payment in full.