New Features in Live 10

Starting today (February 6, 2018, the official release day of Live 10) I’ll be posting a series of short videos about the new things you can find in Live 10. There are more than one hundred new features that range from small usability improvements to new instruments and effects and I’ll be releasing a new one each day over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy!

Folding Clips

Are we talking about folding paper clips? The action of folding them or clips that fold (themselves)? This is about the “Fold” button that lets you hide notes in the Clip View which are not actually used in a clip.

Double Click Reset

When I first started using Live, I constantly double-clicked on parameter controls to return them to their defaul values, but without success… Good to this feature — it makes much more sense than hitting the “Delete” key, although you can still use that method, too.

Multi MIDI Clip Editing

Nothing really to comment on here. I have missed this feature when working on timings and trying to get MIDI clips to “play” together musically. The Live 10 implementation of this is not only welcome, but also very well designed.

Time and Date Stamps

“File organization” is not a sexy topic, but the this can help you take better control over the various files that Live generates. This is especially good when the dreaded “Missing Files” comes up after having moved something on one of your hard disks.

Time Selection Moving

There are several editing features in Live 10 that make it easier to edit the contents of a clip than before. You can select some time inside a clip move, deactivate, and reverse that part of the clip (the time selection), making it easy to create a lot of clip variations.