Absynth Expert

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Cost (two full days): 350 euros

Location: Berlin, Germany

Teachers: Brian Clevinger and Brian Smith

Language: English

Maximum Number of Participants: 12

Level: Beginning-Intermediate

Description: This two-day intensive course will make you an expert at creating your own sounds and effects with Absynth 5, one of the most innovative sound design tools available today. Using Absynth’s unique audio engine, you will create a number of different types of sounds from scratch and design and build your own signature effects to integrate (as sends, inserts, side-chained fx) into your own production environment. In addition, Brian Clevinger, the creator of Absynth, will open the secrets to advanced synthesis and processing with Absynth and will share a number of workflow tips for increased productivity and creativity. Sign up now!

COURSE OUTLINE: Sound Generation (Patch)

  • oscillator modules and oscillator modes
  • creating custom waveforms and wave morphs
  • classic and granular sample manipulation
  • modulation, filtering, and routing in the Patch window

Continuous modulation (using Absynth’s advanced LFO engine)

  • LFO routing in Absynth
  • creating custom waveforms
  • multiple (cross-) targeting


  • using the six different envelope modes
  • rhythmic envelopes: creating beats with Absynth
  • envelope modulation
  • master envelopes

Absynth Effects

  • delay-based effects
  • granular effects
  • modulating effects
  • effect chains

Advanced sound design techniques

  • reverse engineering sounds and effects
  • creating evolving soundscapes
  • designing “organic” instrument sounds

Optimizing workflow

  • standalone vs. plugin
  • multi-window setups
  • sequencer integration as instrument and effect (send/insert/side-chaining)
  • creating and tweaking controller and automation setups
  • building and managing your own libraries of sounds and effects