Komplete 10 Synthesizer Sound Design workshops are given offered on an on-demand basis. Just drop us a line if you are interested.

Cost: 300 euros

Location: Berlin

Teachers: Mike Daliot and Brian Smith

Language: English

Maximum Number of Participants: 12

Level: Beginning-Intermediate

Komplete 7 Synthesizers

Description: This two-day intensive course will give you a solid foundation in synthesizer sound design using NI’s flagship synths: FM8, Massive, Absynth 5, and a number of Reaktor synthesizers, including Reaktor Kontour, Monark, and Razor. In addition, you will learn the skills and knowledge for creative sound design on most other software or hardware (analog or digital) synthesizers.

During the workshop, you will make a large variety of different kinds of sounds (both “typical” and “on the edge”) with synthesizers in the NI Komplete 8 bundle, while gaining a solid understanding of different synthesis methods (subtractive, additive, frequency modulation, wavetable synthesis, etc.).

The workshop will be co-taught by Mike Daliot, one of the most prolific desingers of cutting-edge soft synthesizer designers of our time. Mike designed a number of ground-breaking Reaktor instruments, including Lazerbass and Monark. He is also the mastermind behind NI’s highly-acclaimed Massive software synthesizer and will share some of his secrets to help you create your own original synth sounds.


Sound Synthesis Basics

  • synthesis methods
  • describing sound (terminology for sound designers)
  • waveform, spectrum, and harmonic content
  • periodic vs. noise

Subtractive Synth Programming with Reaktor Factory Instruments

  • oscillators
  • filters
  • modulation: envelopes, LFOs, automation, and other sources

FM8: Sound Design with FM Synthesis

  • FM background and theory
  • carriers and operators
  • envelopes and modulation
  • FM sound design

Absynth Basics

  • wavetable synthesis
  • designing waveforms
  • envelope essentials
  • Absynth effects

Physical Modeling, Additive Synthesis, and Modal Synthesis

  • basic principles
  • overview of additive and modal synthesis
  • creating sounds with Reaktor Prism


  • wavetable oscillator theory and practice
  • filter modules: types and setup
  • effects, feedback, and signal flow
  • modulation and automation
  • sound design tips using Massive