Reaktor Intensive

(Note: this is a TWO-DAY weekend workshop)

Dates: See Workshops page.

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Cost: 300 euros — lunch, snacks, and drinks included

Teachers: Stephan Schmitt and Brian Smith

Language: English (German and French also spoken by instructors)

Maximum Number of Participants: 12

Level: Beginning-Intermediate

View of Reaktor 6 Blocks Panel and Core Structure

Description: This two-day intensive course will teach you to build your own modular instruments and effects in Reaktor 6, the latest version of the powerhouse modular studio environment with nearly endless sound design possibilities.

You will learn how to build simple subtractive, FM, and wavetable-based synthesizers, as well as granular sound-mangling modules that you can take home and use in your studio or play in your live performances. You’ll also learn how to modify and customize Reaktor instruments and effects, and use them both as a standalone Reaktor applications and as plugin devices in your host (DAW) environment.

In addition, we’ll look at “Blocks”, which is included in Reaktor 6. With “Blocks”, you can build your own analog-style systems with a classical modular architecture.

In addition, Stephan Schmitt, the founder of Native Instruments and creator of Reaktor, will share insights into some of the newest directions in instrument design and synthesis methods he has been taking. He will also explain the most recent creations at his hardware synthesizer company, Nonlinear Labs.


Getting a Handle on Reaktor

  • Panel vs. Structure
  • playing vs. editing
  • Snapshots: modifying, creating, and managing your presets
  • getting sound and MIDI in and out of Reaktor
  • Instrument vs. Ensemble
  • connecting Reaktor instruments

Creating Synthesizers

  • subtractive
  • FM
  • wavetable
  • additive

Creating Sampler Instruments

  • classic
  • granular
  • beatslicing

Creating Effects

  • basic effects concepts
  • filters and delays
  • granular effects

Controlling Reaktor: OSC and MIDI

  • MIDI (as standalone and in a host)
  • automation in host applications
  • OSC: controlling Reaktor with iOS and other devices

Reaktor Blocks

  • overview of the Blocks library of modules
  • patching techniques using Reaktor Blocks

Introduction to the Reaktor Core Level

  • differences between the Primary and Core levels
  • understanding simple structures

Advanced Synthesis Techniques, Tips, and Workflows

  • working with Macros
  • easy debugging and metering
  • shortcuts and workflow accelerations

Special Topics: Stephan Schmitt explains his latest Reaktor creations